Saturday, March 10, 2012


Invitations, check. I designed these myself and had them printed on paper similar to watercolor paper. My future-mother-in-law, myself and two friends spent an afternoon painting the flowers with watercolors. 

Thanks for all your help!

Letting them dry on the table...

And the finished product! We left the response cards unpainted; we are encouraging our guests to color or pain them before returning them. While my fiancé and I were at work, my mom spent the morning getting them ready to mail. Thanks, Mom!

The Cardigan From Hell, Part the Final

As promised, the photos of the completed Sweater From Hell, aka Movie Theater Cardigan. My dog was confused, as he seems to think it's his and has taken to sleeping on it. 

I put together a few hair accessories with the goods I picked up yesterday. Usually, when I start a project I have a pretty clear idea of what I want it to look like. Not this time. 

I kept going until I ran out of ideas/got bored. I may try some other things out yet, but so far I like the pink ones best.

Thursday, March 1, 2012


Pics of the revised sweater from hell will be coming soon. I tried to take some myself using a tripod and the timer setting on my camera; the pictures didn't turn out well. I'll ask Ben to take some when he gets home, and try to get them up later tonight. 

I was in need of a little inspiration, so I went to my neighborhood LYS, Yellow Dog Knitting (Eau Claire, WI). They did not disappoint. 

I intended to get sock yarn for my first attempt at socks, I came away with a whole lot more.

This is for the socks. The bright colors will keep me interested as I go, since I intend to use a simple, basic pattern. 

This lace yarn was calling to me. It's a wool-mulberry silk blend; I love how it feels, and it has a nice luster. I had to take two pictures.

The gold one is a cotton-viscose blend that really shines. An idea is percolating, combining this yarn with this next one...

...with a creamy white mercerized cotton, and possibly some gold-ish beads I have on hand. Stay tuned. 

 Don't they play well together?

After Yellow Dog, I looked for some kind of a headpiece for my wedding. There was a fascinator that I loved, from the store where I bought my dress; I went back to look at the fascinator again, and didn't like it. Or anything else they had. So I made a trip to a craft store, and we'll see what I can come up with from these materials: