Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Yarn, yarn, yarn

My stash has gotten out of control. Here it is, thrown about the bed:

Not that there is too much yarn. There is never too much yarn. I don't understand the concept of "too much yarn" unless and until it gets to the point that entire rooms are just filled top to bottom with yarn, like Uncle Scrooge's vault from "DuckTales." Yes, I'm an '80s baby.

My stash has out grown it's various containers, and I don't know what is in it. I've never been diligent about adding purchases to my "stash" on Ravelry; I usually only add them when I'm adding the finished project, if anything. I have no idea how much I have of any yarn, unless it's a full skein. Not to mention the mystery yarn.

My mission, my poorly documented mission, has been to destash and organize. So far this month, I have knit a baby sleep sack, a baby hat, an adult hat, and a Color Affection, and I finished a long-neglected Array. I have another adult hat on the needles, as well as a softie that I'm making up as I go. On the agenda tonight is the organization aspect. De-mystifying the mystery yarn, weighing and calculating the yardage of remnants, and organizing. Wish me luck!