Monday, September 24, 2012


Yesterday, we met my mom, my brothers, and their significant others in Wabasha, MN to celebrate my birthday. And it was also the first time we had all gotten together since our wedding last Spring. 

Wabasha is the home of the  National Eagle Center. When we were kids, our parents would take us to Wabasha to watch the eagles fish in the Mississippi River, and then we'd pick apples at a nearby orchard. 

This is the [un]official place to deposit your admission sticker after visiting the National Eagle Center. There's a 2 hour parking sign somewhere under all of that...

The downtown area was all decorated for SeptOber Fest.

The scarf I made my mom is now finished and blocked and presented--and this is unfortunately the only picture I managed to take. 

 And then we crossed the river into Wisconsin and ate lunch at the Nelson Creamery. Delicious cheese and wine!

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