Monday, January 28, 2013

A view of my Monday

It's been a long time, blogworld. Over the last few months, work and family things have kept me from crafting and knitting and blogging as much as I would have liked, hence the long silence. Not that the work or the family things have been anything less than pleasant; just that when I run out of hours in the day, the knitting, crafting, and blogging are the first things to hit the back burner.

Today was a pretty perfect day. I organized our bedroom closet, and then I organized my yarn stash and my needle stash (How did I end up with 2 US #6 18" circular needles?), and then I dove back in. I've been camped out on the bed, where I can sit comfortably and spread things out. Bo has even joined me.

I haven't taken a complete break from crafting. I've been working on a poncho for a close family friend's newly adopted daughter. I bound off the final stitches earlier today, now I just have to weave in ends and complete the top edging. Pictures to come, and probably a pattern as well.

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