Friday, June 22, 2012

Place Cards

We elected to assign tables, but not individual seats. This project was probably the simplest and had the best return on investment. It didn't take much time and the supplies didn't cost much, but it had major impact. And Ben got really involved in this one, too!

©Andi Stempniak,

We started with a printable place card kit from a craft store. The cards are already perforated, there is a slight crease at the fold line, and there's an embossed square around the edge. I found a stamp that resembled the flower on the invite, and a peach chalk-based ink. After a few test runs, we were in business.

We found it was best to stamp the cards before printing them. With the chalk-based ink, we found you had to be careful in handling it or you get chalk residue on your hands.

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