Monday, June 18, 2012


You might remember this post about the invitations. To refresh your memory, I designed our invitations in black and white, a family friend printed them, and then we painted them with water colors. 

We left the response cards unpainted, and invited guests to decorate them before dropping them in the mail. Almost half of our guests returned theirs adorned in some way – crayon, watercolor, colored pencil, glitter – so we had to make some tough choices. 

My mom had a bulletin board she wasn't using and gave me carte blanche. I painted the wooden frame silver with a metallic finish, covered the bulletin-part with peach fabric, and used a thick ribbon as trim on the top and bottom edges. I decided I needed to trim it with something because I needed to hide the naked parts of the boards the poorly-cut fabric left exposed. Oh well! 

The final product:
©Andi Stempniak,

Our guests were eager to see if theirs had "made the cut," I only wish we had a larger space for them!

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