Saturday, December 17, 2011

Christmas Decorating 2011 Pt 1

I decided to move the Christmas tree off the dining table, so that we can dine at the table. However, because it is a small tree and because we have a dog who likes eating things he shouldn't eat, we can't put it on the ground. Solution: put it on top of his crate. And then I had to make Christmas really hit that corner. I wish I took a before picture.

A picture that I hate but my fiancé loves is in that corner. It's bright orange and green, and has a quote from Camus on it. Normally, it escapes my notice because it's in an out of the way corner; until that same corner became Christmas Central. So, I found a simple, non-permanent way to make it fit: cover it with fabric!

Transparent tape
Straight pins
Framed picture/image/art piece
Enough fabric to cover your art with at least 2 inches overlap. I used 1 yard for a piece roughly 18" x 18"

Make a note of how your piece is hung. Mine is hung by a wire, so I needed to secure the fabric in a way that would not impede the wire. If your piece is hung differently, adjust accordingly.

Please note: the apparent right side in this photo is actually the top. 

Lay your fabric down, wrong side facing you. Center the art piece on top of it, wrong side facing you. Fold the top of the fabric over the art, smooth, and secure with transparent tape. Repeat on the bottom. The tape is circled in the picture at right.

Fold one side of the fabric over the art. Using straight pin, pin folded fabric to the fabric on the top edge. Repeat at bottom. The pin is circled in the picture at left. At this point, you will have excess fabric at the edges. Repeat on the other side.

Gently pull and fold that excess fabric diagonally, in such a way to minimize the bulk. Pin in place. This pin is circled at left. Repeat at each corner.

 Hang and admire.

 More details about the mini-transformation to come!

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