Monday, December 19, 2011

Christmas Decorating pt 2

As promised, a look at the Christmas Corner:

The stockings:
I started the pair in January, from the Falling Snow pattern by Jennifer Hoel. It was my first time making any kind of sock, and turning the heel was not as complicated as I had feared. I finished knitting them in February, I think, and then they sat in the closet for a long time. I needed to line them before actually using them, which I should have researched better. The blue one is mine, because I did it first, and so it isn't as good. For both linings, I just traced the outline of the knitted stocking, and then added an inch for the seam allowance. I then sewed and hemmed the woven fabric stockings. For the first one, I sewed the lining to the stocking by hand, in the same way you first learned how to sew. The result didn't meld. Before joining the second lining to the second stocking, I read some Techknitter. Specifically, this post on attaching linings using the overcast stitch. Best thing ever! Compared to the first stocking, it was easier, it is more flexible, and the stocking hangs better. I will probably end up ripping out the first lining and re-sewing it with the overcast stitch before putting them away for the season.

The tree:
As mentioned before, a wedding themed tree courtesy of my future in-laws.

The presents:
The ones wrapped in Justin Bieber are from my fiancé. He found the paper at Target and thought it was hilarious. It will be especially hilarious when used to wrap a birthday present.

The ones in the white and silver snowflake paper are mine. I decorated them with poms made from the leftover stocking yarn. I'm doing the same with the rest of the gifts we're giving. I like my gifts to look pretty, and to look pretty as an ensemble. Am I a bit obsessive? Probably. I taught Ben to make the poms tonight. He was unsure of the first, having fun by the third, and bored by the fourth. It was cool seeing him so excited about something he made, though. I may be able to get him to make a few more yet...

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