Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Knitting away

I got a late start on my Christmas knitting this year--as in, I started last week. Last year, I started my Christmas knitting in September. Luckily, I'm planning fewer knitted gifts this year due to the lateness, but it has prevented other projects from moving forward.

The yarn for a cardigan I'm working on (mentioned here) is still unavailable. It was supposed to be coming December 22, but that has now been delayed to mid-January due to issues with the manufacturer. Luckily this project isn't a Christmas gift, so there is no hard and fast deadline; however, I had hoped to be able to wear it Christmas day.

The purple vest (also mentioned here) is finished. I am in the process of sizing the pattern, which I haven't done before. I'm stumbling my way through, but it can be hard to force myself to sit down and work on this difficult thing instead of knitting a relatively-simple secret project.

My FMIL's birthday is tomorrow. It crept up on me, and my go-to gift for her (chocolate) is out, since I don't want to sabotage her efforts to lose weight. I wandered around the bookstore for an hour, but nothing quite seemed to fit. Late last night, I got an idea for a personalized, home made gift; cross-my-fingers it will turn out and be done on time...

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