Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Diet, Day 2

As part of this diet, I'm quitting Diet Coke. It's been two days since I last had a drink... Okay, no more AA puns.

It's hard because Diet Coke is was my go-to drink. I dislike most juices, I dislike just plain old water, and I can't just drink milk straight. I grew up in the midwest, which means I had a glass of milk (or two) with every meal; however, now I can't stand the taste by itself. I put milk in my cereal in the morning, but I can't just drink a glass anymore. Unless I add chocolate syrup. Not diet-friendly, not at all.

Thing is, I like the way drinking a cold beverage feels on my throat. Cold Diet Coke can be found just about everywhere, including the cafeteria at work for $1.25 a pop. When you drink 2 or 3 a day, that really adds up.

So I'm looking for alternatives. I can get ice and water (for free!) at work, and I've been adding Black Cherry Mio to it for flavor (and caffeine!). It's been good to be so far, but I am going to get tired of it at some point.

Due to various food intolerances, almond milk and soy milk are not viable options. Anything that contains banana is out for the same reason. I cannot stand orange juice, or juice medleys/shakes that contain orange juice. Beyond that, I'm open to suggestions! Hit the comments below to share your favorite drinks!

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