Monday, August 5, 2013

The Starting Point

I've struggled with my weight off and on since my teenage years, and it's on again. My struggle is my own, and I'm figuring out how much I feel comfortable sharing here on the blog. While I'm not obese, I am plump. I am not comfortable in my own skin right now. I'm bigger than I was a year ago, I currently have two pairs of pants that can zip. I could continue, but I'm choosing not to. It wouldn't be productive.

Work is hosting an optional Biggest Loser competition, starting today. I'm opting in. I'm hoping that little bit of structure will be the motivation I need. When it comes to doing things I don't like doing, I am better if I have to "report" to someone regularly. Even if it's just a weekly weigh-in with the Biggest Loser "Chair."

Additionally, I am going to take my measurements weekly. In the past, I've gotten discouraged and fallen off wagons when the scale didn't move, even if it was because dense muscle tissue had replaced body fat. This way, I'll still see measurable (pun intended) results even if my weight doesn't change.

I've put a lot of thought into how much to post on the blog. This is a personal matter, and while I am taking it public by writing this, that doesn't invalidate my right to privacy. I've decided not to post my actual stats, but I will share the changes. In other words, you'll know how much weight I lost in a week, but you won't know my starting and ending weights. I will post weekly pictures, but I'll be wearing jeans and a tank top. This is my body, this is my comfort zone. I'm not passing judgement on anything else, this is just what feels right for me. So, here we go!

Bobo is already "over it."

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