Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Stash Busting Update!

In updating the blog over the last few weeks I realized I've made a lot of progress in my stash busting efforts. I'm not normally a numbers person, but my Dad was an accountant, and I must be channeling him a bit because I throughly enjoyed putting these numbers together.

Pre-Stash Bust (March 2013): 7.1418 kg of yarn / 19,077.49 yards

     That's 15.7 lbs of yarn. Unwound and laid end to end, the yarn would cover 10.8 miles.

As of August 2013: 4.3572 kg / 12,915.4 yards

     That's 9.6 lbs and 7.4 miles laid end to end.

I have used 2.7846 kg (6.1 lbs), or 6,162 yards (3.4 miles).

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