Thursday, August 15, 2013

Multiplying Fingerless Mitts

I made some fingerless mitts! Six of them, to be exact.

I didn't plan to make six...After I finished the first two, it looked like I had made two left hands. I set them aside for a long while, and when I came back to them I thought they were right hands, so I knit a left hand. Then I put them on, and realized all three were left hands. So I knit three right hands. Only then did I directly compare a right hand to a left hand; they aren't perfect mirror images of each other. It's only noticeable in the buttons, they aren't in exactly the same place. Had I realized it earlier, I could have modified it, but at this point it's not worth it. It would bother me, but someone else may not notice. They'll be gifts for somebody, someday.  

The pattern is More Time for Egg Nog Mitts, the yarn is Cascade 220 leftover from Katell. 

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